short story I did for š#16 ‘Villages’. you can still get it here!


(work in progress)

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Leo Tolstoy

some very old sketches.

Windows 99 poster 
riso print, A3
now available! 20€ (+shipping)

Windows 99 poster 

riso print, A3

now available! 20€ (+shipping)

Short story I made for the Tieten met Haar expo ‘Life doesn’t happen in the afternoon’, at Galleri Storck in Oslo. The expo was part of OCX this year, and will be going on until 29th of July.

12th of June at galleri Storck in Oslo: opening of Tieten met Haar expo - Life doesn’t happen in the afternoon, and release party of our new Serious man edition! be serious


Now busy printing a fresh edition. Serious business happening at Topo Copy.

Last week was the opening of The Wall at Het Entrepot in Brugge.

Mathilde, Valentine and me worked together on a batshit crazy mural, and then celebrated in our 80’s outfits, with our 80’s music and 80’s karaoke…. In the end of the evening, Love is a battlefield was playing on a loop, making some eyes twitch…..You can visit The Wall until 1st of September. With a bit of luck, Love is a BF will still be playing

thank you Mathilde and FJMoerman for the photos